For Coffee Lovers



I’m a coffee lover like most, it warms me on somedays, it energizes me on others.  The smell wakes me up and gives me a good feeling, and the taste tantalizes my taste buds.


Live Free, Live Focused, Live Happy!


Live a Posh Life!


New Food New Taste

I’ve started considering myself as somewhat of a foodie, I know I’m not a true foodie with all the great foods out there that I havent tried yet….There are so many varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs in the world and when combined together by a great chef makes for an delicious meal. I say I will try any meal at least once, thats how we discover our likes and dislikes our taste buds and eating habits change over the years. They can even change by our environment as we travel who can resist trying the local cusine of our chosen destination. Expanding our pallette by trying new foods also expands our minds by teaching us to open up a little. That veggie we didn’t like as a child may taste great with the proper blend of herbs and spices and food combination as an adult. Lets expand our minds and our taste buds by trying something new.  What new meal will you decide to explore, What new meal choice do you suggest.