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Me Present Day Letting my Hair Grow-out and Practicing Yoga. While visiting family, Smiling at my Nephew! Family Love!

Live Free, Live Focused, Live Happy!

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Motivation through Benefits

Exercising or working out has so many benefits. It helps us to lose weight, relieve stress, protects us from injury, helps us build stamina and endurance. exercising also helps us stay focused on daily tasks. We all carry big loads, the benefits gained through a regular exercise program helps us carry this load and so much more. One of the greatest benefits you will hear that has been gained through consistent excercise and eating healthy is increased longevity.  Those who maintain a healthy diet and exercise program live longer and healthier lives.  Now wouldn’t you want to enjoy those benefits and more from just taking a little time out for yourself!!  Let’s get started!!

Posh Life Style

Working on time…..

We seldom get the time to work out, some of us have very busy schedules and just don’t know how we can find the time to fit in a consistent work out regime. There are several ways we can find the extra time, let’s try some of these tactics..How about getting up an hour earlier than normal, can’t cut an extra hour out of your sleep? How about an extra 30 or 15 minutes. This time can be spent on a 10 minute brisk run or a 30 minute walk.  How about getting up 5 minutes earlier to just stretch out your muscles, this will do great to cut down tension by stretching over stressed muscles. Another source of extra time can be found by swapping out that lunch break for a trip to the gym…you can pack your clothes the night before. Why not take a pass on happy hour with friends, go to the park, take a run, pick up the latest work out DVD, do a pm yoga program before bed.  In other words just make the time, there is 24 hours in a day we should use them wisely, the best way to maximize these hours is to get a head start on ourselves through a healthy diet and exercise.

How do you like those ideas, which one will you put to use, for extra fun, try a combination throughout the week, shake up your life a little bit…just to see how you do.

Posh Life Style..

Live Free, Live Focused, Live Happy