And We March! Work Hard! Play Hard!


Live Free! Live Focused! Live Happy!

Live a Posh Life!



New Food New Taste

I’ve started considering myself as somewhat of a foodie, I know I’m not a true foodie with all the great foods out there that I havent tried yet….There are so many varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs in the world and when combined together by a great chef makes for an delicious meal. I say I will try any meal at least once, thats how we discover our likes and dislikes our taste buds and eating habits change over the years. They can even change by our environment as we travel who can resist trying the local cusine of our chosen destination. Expanding our pallette by trying new foods also expands our minds by teaching us to open up a little. That veggie we didn’t like as a child may taste great with the proper blend of herbs and spices and food combination as an adult. Lets expand our minds and our taste buds by trying something new.  What new meal will you decide to explore, What new meal choice do you suggest.

Working on time…..

We seldom get the time to work out, some of us have very busy schedules and just don’t know how we can find the time to fit in a consistent work out regime. There are several ways we can find the extra time, let’s try some of these tactics..How about getting up an hour earlier than normal, can’t cut an extra hour out of your sleep? How about an extra 30 or 15 minutes. This time can be spent on a 10 minute brisk run or a 30 minute walk.  How about getting up 5 minutes earlier to just stretch out your muscles, this will do great to cut down tension by stretching over stressed muscles. Another source of extra time can be found by swapping out that lunch break for a trip to the gym…you can pack your clothes the night before. Why not take a pass on happy hour with friends, go to the park, take a run, pick up the latest work out DVD, do a pm yoga program before bed.  In other words just make the time, there is 24 hours in a day we should use them wisely, the best way to maximize these hours is to get a head start on ourselves through a healthy diet and exercise.

How do you like those ideas, which one will you put to use, for extra fun, try a combination throughout the week, shake up your life a little bit…just to see how you do.

Posh Life Style..

Live Free, Live Focused, Live Happy

Do Something You’ve Never Done

I recently did a session with Rebecca Hillegeist, Master Life Coach, what a truly awesome experience.  As I was going through a new phase in my life, I could not put a finger on exactly what was going on with me.  I knew there was some wall or something within me holding me back and keeping me from moving forward, I was in desperate need of clarity.  I was afraid to do the session at first, as she told me to exhale the thought “Do something you’ve never done came to mind.”

The process was less intrusive than I thought on my part, I simply answered a few questions, after my session was over Rebecca literally “read me my rights” all the things I am entitled to as a Child of the Most High. The work was so deep and right on point, she posed just the right questions for me to think on and helped me to see things clearer than the confusing fog which had begun to shape my outlook.   It came to me so clearly “Wow, I feel rejected.” 

That simple clarification and statement lifted so much weight off of me, I guess I had been in denial of some sort and had learned to handle things differently as if nothing really bothered me but in reality it did. I know I am no different from anyone else…my motto has always been I am no better than or less than anyone, I am self-approved. I believe we are all created equal.  Even with my own sense of self approval I am still a human being with insecurities. 

The feeling of rejection  can be disheartening…the feelings of being ousted because you think differently than others, or because you dress differently, have different likes or just being made to feel lesser or different because of others beliefs and boxes they try to put you in because of their own limitations….I have always thought of myself as a loving and caring person and for a long while I felt the same security and love from others but at this moment in time it was like times have changed and things have changed. 

I am so glad I stepped out of my own box and limited thinking and accepted the help she offered.  The work they did was great it gave me the clarity I was seeking and more.  Your turn!

Thanks Rebecca!! Love the Work you do!!!
Cynthia Crosby