For Coffee Lovers



I’m a coffee lover like most, it warms me on somedays, it energizes me on others.  The smell wakes me up and gives me a good feeling, and the taste tantalizes my taste buds.


Live Free, Live Focused, Live Happy!


Live a Posh Life!




We have all heard of Pray Until Something Happens, we are adding It’s Time. Push It is a new moniker as we approach a new year. Prayer helps, it changes things and God is always listening with an open ear. We should also remember to pray for others. It has been a very interesting year, I have went through so many changes in my life, as have others, but I constantly maintained a level of excitement about the future, my motto is Keep it Moving, there is always something going on some stress, some hardship we all have to face, all we can do is keep it moving through it all, and overcome it. So let’s Push it, whatever it is that is standing in your way, that is trying to bring you down, push on through it, because there will always be another stressor that will come soon after. So Push It, right through the next battle, then Push it again through the next, pray on till something happens, it’s time and it will.

Posh LifeStyle~